Syntrax Aero Bottle

by Syntrax
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A revolutionary design that combines the sleekness of the water bottle with the functionality of the shaker cup.

With the AeroBottle, every problem that comes with a shaker cup or water bottle is eliminated. While water bottles may look nice, their small mouths leave them impractical and inconvenient for drinking more than just water. On the other hand, since shaker cup are designed to mix and hold larger volumes, they are awkward and ugly with messy balls, whisks and grates to lug around and clean.

The AeroBottle fuses the best of water bottles and shaker cups. With its slender, stainless steel brushed exterior, theAeroBottlelooks great and is easy to hold. Not only does the luxuriously smooth lid come with a hinged cap that locks in a flat position, but its wide-mouth cup is also convenient when adding ingredients. Along with its simplistic, sexy appearance, the innovative, patent-pending design of the AeroBottle creates a violent turbulence that mixes all contents perfectly ... no balls, no grates, no springs.