Universal Nutrition Real Gains 10.6LBS

by Universal Nutrition
Save 41%

• Micellar Casein
• Whey Protein Isolates
• 610 Calories
• Inulin
• Flaxseed Oil
• No Blender Required

Higher Quality Protein
The proteins we use in our product are superior. Yes, we also use whey protein concentrate. But Real Gains also includes a higher quality, purer
whey protein isolate as well. And, for an even better protein profile, we use the latest, cutting-edge protein source, micellar casein. So unlike our competition, only our weight gainer contains both “fast” (whey) and “slow” (micellar casein) proteins for the best of both worlds. Plus, we only use ultrafiltered whey protein. Ion-exchange, because they use harsh processes, lacks key whey protein fractions.

Higher Quality Carbs
We don’t use cheap, inferior sources of carbs like fructose. Fructose is a carb that bodybuilders avoid. Then there’s sugar. Excess sugar can promote body fat gains as well. That’s why athletes (and low carb dieters) are cutting back on sugar. Finally, Real Gains uses inulin, a unique fiber that can enhance overall digestion and absorption of calories. Inulin is a FOS (fructo-oligosaccharide) or prebiotic which aids in mineral absorption, improves digestion, and helps create the right environment in the gut for maximum absorption of nutrients, something essential when consuming larger-than-normal quantities of calories during a bulking cycle.

Higher Quality Fat
When it comes to gaining quality weight, eating fat won’t necessarily make you fat. In fact, eating the right fats can actually help you pack on lean muscle. Others claim they include important fats. But these fats are typically saturated fats found in the proteins themselves. We add high quality fats in the form of flaxseed oil, an essential fat, and MCTs, a higher performance fat that the body readily burns for energy. 

Higher Quality Weight Gainer
In virtually every respect, Real Gains is a better weight-gaining supplement than any other that’s available. If you’re serious about gaining weight, and looking for the absolute best in quality, there’s only one choice: Real Gains.